Handmade Gifts To Make Anniversary Memorable

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The wedding anniversary is a very special occasion. It is a milestone in the life of couples. The wedding anniversary reminds them of the day when two people were tied in a beautiful bond for a lifetime. Celebrating an anniversary is necessary to reminisce about that day. With the passing of each day, the bond between the two people grows stronger, and the anniversary is the day to celebrate that bond. 

When it comes to celebration, there are different ideas available on the internet. But what seems difficult is the gifting. Whether you are a husband or a wife, you must have faced the situation of confusion when it comes to giving a gift to your spouse. 

The market is full of different ready-made things that you can definitely choose to get for your partner. These gifts are available at online shopping websites and shops. So you can do online gift shopping as well. But a handmade gift is a lot different and has a special place in the heart of the recipient. Handmade gifts are special due to the reason that they are made out of love and extra effort and thought is put into it. Creativity is the key in making such handmade gifts, which again makes it extra adorable. 

If your anniversary is approaching and you are looking for some ideas and inspiration, then you can check out some of the amazing handmade gift ideas for your spouse listed below. 

Handmade card-

Cards are the best way to express your feelings when you feel shy about speaking them. You can pen down your feelings in a beautiful card and give that to your partner as a token of love. These days there are a variety of cards available in the market for every occasion and from person to person. Still, a handmade card is more special than them. It gives you the chance to put your creativity and make it according to your preferences. You can choose your own color scheme, art supplies, decorative items etc.

Memory Jar-

This is a different kind of gift and is trending these days. For a memory jar, you can take a mason jar from the market and decorate it according to your choice. You can wrap it in a beautiful packaging and give it to your partner. A memory jar is used to keep memories. Now let me tell you how. You can ask your partner to write and put the best moment from your life daily in that jar. And on your next anniversary both of you can open the jar and read all those written notes and cherish those beautiful moments together. This is a very special gift, and I am sure your partner will love to have it.

Memory album-

As a couple, you both must have pictures together from the day of your wedding till the anniversary. You can make a memory album out of them. You can buy a plain scrapbook or photo book from the market and put your photos in it. You can decorate it according to your choice. You can also put your selfies and social media pictures in it. This will be a lifetime memory, and whenever you go through it, you will be able to cherish those moments again through pictures. 

Homemade cake-

Cakes are the mandatory part of any celebration. It feels incomplete without cake. There are different anniversary cakes available in the market which you can definitely buy. But a homemade cake is more special even if it is not that beautiful and tasty than market cakes. You can check out the different cake recipes from the internet and try it out yourself for your partner on your anniversary. 


If you are someone who loves to paint, then what can be more special than a painting of your partner by you as a gift? Paintings are a beautiful way to express oneself without words. Sometimes you don’t have to say a word because your painting or art says it all. 

Sing a song-

If you are a singer kind of person, then you can sing a beautiful song for your partner on your anniversary as a gift. You can express what you feel through the song. Your partner would love to receive something so genuine from you. And if you can play any instrument or something, then it will be the icing on the cake.

If you want your anniversary to be memorable and worth enjoying, then choose to give your partner any of the handmade gifts. You can either select something from the above-mentioned list or decide on your own. Choice is yours. I hope you liked the article and found some inspiration from it. You can send gifts to India from the US via online delivery services if you reside there. 

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